C-U Women Outdoors

Get to Know the Stories of these Amazing Local Women

Here at Champaign Outdoors, we are passionate about the local people in this community. However, we noticed that many stories of the "outdoors" are told from a male perspective. While those stories are valuable, we know many women who are experts in areas of the outdoors as well. So we gathered seventeen of them and asked them to share their stories.

We have representatives from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, demonstrating that women are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to all things outdoor sports, research, farming, and more. Get to know our experts and read more about their passion for the outdoors! 

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Meet the Experts


Neena Tripathy

Marathon Runner

Neena is a marathon runner with a goal to complete a race on all seven continents.


Susie Roloff

Kayak Fishing

Susie is a Kayak Fishing pro and is leading the way for more women to become involved in fishing sports.


Ruth Nicole Brown

Professor and Activist

Ruth Nicole is a professor at the University of Illinois whose research focuses on black girlhood and their experiences outdoors.


Anna Longworth

Freelance Photographer

Anna is a photographer who channels her creative talent through a unique, adventurous spirit in her photos.


Michelle Ryan

Hiker & Runner

Michelle is a local on air personality who is proving that being active and getting outdoors can be fun and very rewarding.


Annette Stumpf


Annette is a Research Architect for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who enjoys biking and sailing.


Christel Seyfert & Tricia Whitecomb

Prairie Dragon Paddlers

Christel & Tricia are a mother-daughter duo who paddle for the Prairie Dragon Paddlers. Both are breast cancer survivors. 


Madison Penn


Madison is a student at the University of Illinois who is passionate about bouldering and sport climbing.


Jodi Adams

Yoga Instructor

Jodi is a yoga instructor, Occupational Therapy Assistant, and photographer who is always seeking adventure outdoors.


Jacquelyn Evers

The Land Connection Director

Jacquelyn is the Director of the Land Connection, a non-profit that focuses on healthy food, healthy farms, and healthy communities.


Kelsey LeFevour


Kelsey is a Paralympic athlete who has competed in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


Alyssa Hudson

Long Distance Runner

Alyssa is a competitive long distance runner who encourages all women to live a balanced life.


Traci Barkley

Sola Gratia Farms

Traci is the Director of Sola Gratia Farm and is a passionate food security advocate.


Carmen Ugarte

Soils Research Specialist

Carmen is a Soil Scientist and Research Specialist at the University of Illinois with a passion for gardening and farming.

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Amy Armstrong

Family and Community Advocate

Amy is a community advocate and through volunteerism she works to increase awareness of disability issues.


Jennifer Fraterrigo

Ecology Professor

Jennifer Fraterrigo is an Associate Professor of Landscape and Ecosystem Ecology at the University of Illinois who enjoys exploring all the natural world has to offer.