5 Reasons Not to Travel

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

We get it, sometimes it can be hard to make time to travel.

So, if you're tired of hearing us go on and on about how fun it is, this post is for you.

woman looking at a city

1. There’s nothing out there you haven’t seen before.

You already have Instagram, so there’s no reason to go see new places in person. Besides, you probably have the Planet Earth series on DVD.

2. Your favorite restaurant chains may not be available.

You know exactly what you like from Domino’s, and they get it right every time. Why roll the dice and try something new and delicious from a local cultural hot spot -- even if it turns out to be your new favorite thing?

3. You already have enough friends.

When you travel, you’ll probably meet some new people, and maybe even make some new friends. They may invite you to visit them wherever they live, presenting the opportunity for more travel, then more friends, and the cycle goes on…

4. You may miss a few days at the office.

The FOMO on Monday meetings with your coworkers is real.

5. The planning is a hassle.

Packing and planning is a real pain. Can you imagine having to pick out clothes for next week?

If we haven’t convinced you of all the reasons NOT to travel, check out our new Adventure Travel program! You do not want to miss out on our small group travel experiences with people local to the Champaign-Urbana area. We have three trips coming up next year: Costa Rica, Croatia, and Kilimanjaro. You can find more information here.