Meet Our Brands: Deuter Sport

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

At Champaign Outdoors, we are passionate about living a life of adventure. We are also passionate about providing our customers with the best gear available when it comes to outdoor exploring. So, we want to highlight some of our brands that help us do what we love.

Meet Deuter Sport. Deuter (DOY-ter) is a German brand of sport packs and bags, for hiking, trekking, snow sports and more. Deuter is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality backpacks, from trekking backpacks, daypacks, hiking backpacks, travel bags and child carriers. It was founded in 1898 in Augsburg, Germany. Deuter has been making packs for explorers and expeditions for over one hundred years. They also outfit athletes and cyclists with bags and packs suited to their active lifestyles. Although Deuter has been popular in Europe for many years, they came to the USA market in 2001 and have been growing in popularity here ever since.

Deuter is passionate about combining the best in technical design and sustainability. Deuter will repair any pack free of charge, because they hope you use their pack for life. They want to keep packs from being in landfills once a hole or some other sign of wear appears. If a pack is deemed to be truly at the end of its trail life and is irreparable, they’ll replace it with the closest comparable pack. You can read more about their repair promise here. In addition to their amazing repair policy, they are also a member of bluesign and Fair Wear Foundation, both which require transparency in manufacturing from start to finish, and require brands to have high standards when it comes to environmental and ethical practices.

At Champaign Outdoors, we love Deuter packs for their durability and clean design. There's a Deuter pack for every occasion from hiking, traveling, biking, and more. We also have child carriers and kid's packs in stock!