We're proud of our innovative price match, where we take away the stigma of talking openly about price. We call it “Locally Shown Pricing,” because we do all of the work for you to provide the best available price. We scan the item to check online pricing without you having to ask, and work with you to welcome any price matches you have found on your own. You get to shop local, get the exact right item you want right now — and leave knowing you got the very best deal.

Simple. Comfortable. Easy. Satisfying all around. 

Benefits of Our Program

You Don't Have to Ask
Know You're Buying the Right Item
No Waiting
Everyone Benefits
No Shipping Hassles
 Shopping Local


We Price Match identical products (same brand, season, size, color and model number) from other authorized retailers. The product must be in-stock and available from the other authorized retailer, and the price must be visible on a website, mailing or other promotion.

An authorized retailer is one that is approved by a manufacturer to sell their products. Examples of non-authorized retailers would be individuals selling new or used items directly on websites such as amazon, ebay and craigslist. 

  • For in store purchases, we will automatically price check any item $30 or over. We scan the internet and do the work for you!

  • When calculating a competitor’s price, we add the cost of the item plus shipping (if applicable) to determine the amount of the price match.

  • We cannot combine a price match with other promotions such as a coupon, free gift, or other benefits.

  • A price match will be honored up to 40% off of the original retail price of the item.

Store Hours

Current COVID-19 hours:
Tuesday-Saturday    11am-6pm

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