Rugged Outdoors


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For those of you that have been loyal customers for years, you may remember our famous "sidewalk sales" from when we were Champaign Surplus. Our Rugged Outdoors store is like one of those sidewalk sales, except it is happening every day of the year.


Why a different name for this store, you ask? We call our ‘national’ e-commerce website Rugged Outdoors because we found that outside of our community, the spelling of our town caused confusion. Our store tagline has been Rugged Outdoors Since 1947, so we thought Rugged Outdoors was a perfect name for our additional business.

When you shop Rugged Outdoors, you are still shopping local because it is still our locally owned family business. We hope you find the Rugged Outdoors store to be a great companion to Champaign Outdoors, and that you completely enjoy your experience in both!

Interested in shopping Click below to visit our website, with the same great brands you know and love at Champaign Outdoors.